Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski, nonobjective oil colorist

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“Painting is my passion. The act of painting--the movement, the gesture, the process of selecting brushes, palette knives, paints and colors, textured mediums, the music underlying and reinforcing the process— is an exuberant ritual. All five senses are part of this painting / ritual process that has been the essence of my adult artistic life. Due to having lived in many different areas north, northeast, south and southeast, I am not identified by being from a specific region of the country or identified with a specified style of painting. This has at times been isolating, but it is essential to my creative process, and to my quest for recognition, validation and acceptance.  

My place as a woman artist, raised and educated in a male-dominated society is also at the heart of my process. My paintings are a mirror of my life – heartache, grief, loss, pain, joy, love, bliss, lust, and excitement. This is who I am, a colorist in a digital age.” 



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