Artist Statement

Painting is my passion. My painting is a ritualistic intuitive dance. The act of painting is: the rhythmic movement, bursts and splashes of color, the lyrical gesture, the process of selecting the colors that are intuitively selected through the phenomenon entitled "synesthesia"...literally seeing colors when I hear music. I have experienced this all my life. At first unconsciously, then once becoming aware of this gift, I have been able to channel my synesthesia in all my painting creating contemplative frenzy through very colorful exuberant interpretations that become an energetic, fascinating, gestural dance of color, texture and movement. 
I am constantly dealing with my private demons, obsessions, phobias, nightmares, compulsions and experiences. Heartache, grief, loss, pain, joy, love, lust, excitement...everything is an influence on my work. As I age, more and more life experiences influence my painting.